I watched this movie without seeing the other parts before. But the movie is amazing experience itself: it is a journey into the beautiful landscape of Turkey, journey into childhood and growing up, a drama caused by the loss of the father about death and new life: when Yusuf stops talking he’s actually being born as an artist. He turning into his inner world, driven by unspeakable emotions he cannot name. He is finding his own way through the tragedy and he’s going there alone. What I couldn’t resist of thinking is how beautifully the connection with nature is shown in the movie. The last scene shows the boy putting himself to sleep in the forest, the place that brings him comfort and consolation. You could say he’s instinctevely re-uniting with the spirit of his father and grandfathers where he finds peace he couldn’t find elsewhere.  I couldn’t help applying a little of antropological perspective here to see the rite of passage present in any culture in any time of history.

This is one of few movies I will want to watch again. If not for the story I could only watch it for the scenes which are more like beautiful paintings rather than movie shots.


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