Bun Boom Tuesday


Today hot iron was.. in the kitchen oven (I hate that new gym – couldn’t get to classes again)

Basically, I like to have my morning coffee with a croissant, a few pieces of pogaca, cinamon roll ,etc. The thing is, there’s no nice bakery on my way  home-office and after Italian brioche al cioccolato it became really hard to please me. So! I got an idea to exercise some DIY and got this recipe, it comes from  a Polish granny of a friend of mine.  I got the privilege to name the recipe as:

Morning Buns – 10pcs

0,5kg flour
5 dkg yeast
3 eggs
1/2 glass of milk
1/4 margarine
3/4 glass of sugar


1tbs margarine
1/2 tbsp sugar
flour (as much as margarine will absorb)

Boil milk with margarine. Cool down. Add yeast mixed with a tablespoon of sugar, add flour, eggs, sugar. I use a wooden spoon to let the ingredients mix. Put into a warm place for 30 min.

Knead the dough and roll over  the board – should be 2 cm thick.  Cut big circles out of the dough using a glass, top with a spoon of  the filling (jam, nutella, anything) I did that with one  heaped tablespoon of jam but it appeared not to be enough after all so next time I will make it double. Cover jam-filled circles with dough and form buns.

I didn’t care to make them a perfect ball shape – real home baking must be a bit fuzzy !

Let the buns grow for around half an hour (somehow I missed this line in the recipe and went straight to baking but that was still ok).

Smear beaten egg over the buns and scatter with crumbles (margarine mixed with sugar and flour)

bake till golden in 190 C degrees..

There they are! House smells beautifully and I have supplied myself with breakfast for the next 10 days with as little as 2 Euro! Buns are now put into the freezer. Can’t wait to make another round.


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