Easy-peasy ratattouile


Ideal for a quick, light meal of 300 kcal (or a budget meal after frantic shopping in  Duty Free.. )

1 aubergine – 1 courgette – 2 small onions (red and white)- leeks – 1 tbsp grape seed oil – a can of tomatoes – basil, oregano, salt, pepper – Maggi spice

Heat oil, add chopped onions and cook till transparent. Add sliced aubergine and courgette, stir fry for  a few minutes. A tip from Jamie:  make some space in the middle of the pan, pour some more oil and let it heat up.  Add spices and let them mix with the fat – it’ll get an intense flavour! Stir, add canned tomatoes (I added 2 fresh ones as well). Simmer under cover for 20 mins, remove the cover and let the sauce thickened.

For more interesting taste add balsamic vinegar, pinch of sugar and Worcestershire sauce. Me, I added Maggi, spices  and lots of pepper.

Fresh grounded pepper makes it right.

Eat, freeze or give away.

Wash the dishes.


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