Dogtooth 2009, Giorgos Lanthimos

Surreal tale about complete isolation from the outside world. A family whose grown up children never left their house, think a cat is a killing beast eating little babies for lunch 😀 . What is humanity, what’s an instinct, answer these.. the picture asks these questions, don’t give any answers though. I felt like someone put Freud on a big screen: ID always fighting, not knowing what reality is, always in motion, very basic, primitive, easy to please with a reward (a sticker! ) I found out the film was nominated to an Oscar (not a chance of a win though, as the Oscar always goes to  some idiotic story about US war hero, disabled child, or simply to the one who spent the most $$$ on it ) and yes! got an award in Cannes.  Precisely deserved. The best psychological drama I’ve seen this year. And, it puts a big question mark on a holy institution of a family.  USA – watch and learn from Greece in crisis.


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