Vegetable tart


Another tip for summer cooking: an ultimate tart with any veggies from the market. I make it  with carrots, parsley, sprouts, green peas and green onion.

What we need is:

2 handfuls brussel sprouts

2 carrots

2 parsleys

handful green peas

100 ml milk

100 ml sour cream

2 eggs

100 gr chilled butter

250 gr flour

1 tbsp olive oil

100 ml cold water

cheddar cheese, parmesan cheese


Making a dough it’s literally 10 mins and it will make this tart outstanding. So! I add cold butter to the  flour and chop it with a knife till crumbled into small pieces. Then add eggs, olive oil, a pinch of salt, water and very quickly knead a dough. I never spent much time on it.  First, I’m lazy and second (important) the less kneading the more crunchy the tart gets!

I form a ball and put it into the fridge for 1 hour. It can also stay there for a night.When ready, I roll the dough over shape it in the form.

I blanch veggies or 3-4 mins, cut them into the cubes, dry them, take into the tart form and add the filling: milk, sour cream, egg, nutmeg, cheese mixed together. I put even more cheese on the top and bake in 200 Celsius for 35 mins. 


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