I still remember Lee Chang-Dong from a ‘Peppermint candy’ so ”Poetry” is something I was really curious about.

I haven’t read any reviews of it, I suppose it was well received as that was a Cannes nominee (a winner? must google it later) . For me that’s something very similar to Kaplanoglu’s picture ‘Honey’. The loss of a spoken language caused by Alzheimers is a birth of poetry for Mrs Mija. The skill she’s trying to develop so hard comes naturally with a sequence of dramatic events.. From my perspective, both Kaplanoglu and Lee Chang are taking from the oldest mythologies: prophets were many times blind: to get a vision of the future events clear, they gave up on seeing the present.. Mad men were believed to be saints, to have direct connection with transcendental powers. Too see more, to reach further, one has to give up on human, down to earth abilities (sight, speech, reason…) And then, Mija’s life is heroic. She’s a visioner and an (unrecognized) hero. She makes a sacrifice of herself to erase human sins.  And all about her is unique: her acceptance of life, her will to explore, her compassion and redemption (is this the right word.. ? )  in the final.

Now, I found these two posters: a Korean one of melancholic, inner-directed perspective of a poet, and the American one with an infantile elder lady on it, wearing a funny frock, scribbling happily in a notepad. God bless America :- )

Oh no!  Polish EU presidency is just starting and I’m yapping about movies.  Need to make a new post.


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