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Spring Fever




J Korczak


A skeptic, rationalist, pacifist, theosophist, mason, yoga-lover,  medicine doctor, teacher, poet.. Fascinating life of an extraordinary man.

I’m halfway through and I that’s one of my best readings this year.
Did I mention, that I won this book in the radio contest? I REALLY  DID !!! : )) I won won won.. :))

Surreal Wien


I managed to take some spy shots from Le Surréalisme, c’est moi! exhibition I just saw in Vienna last weekend.

That’s Louise Bourgeois and her famous spider: this time coming out of a female.. Scarier than Scary Movie 2.  Her  art is so crazy, filthy and uneasy I fell in love.

Just found out Louise lived… 99 years! She passed away only last year.. I really hope one day I will see more of her creations.

Now, here’s Glen Brown’s sculpture. And what a sculpture! I couldn’t make it better quality but the oil painted colors makes one  dizzy.