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Dachshund’s little world


We all have moments when we just need to sit and reconsider… things.

Or simply stare at the sky..


..and make yourself a complete fool.



XI Cracovia Marathon



Ok. Here it is. I know it looks scary but here’s the thing: normally, similar trainings have 1-2 rest days during the week. I haven’t scheduled mines as there is always something unexpected happening:  rain/bad mood/bad horoscope/etc. I completed first two weeks: stupid enough; 2 rest days were in the second week and none in the first!  The days the most likely to drop out are: Saturdays as this is just before the long run and muscle trainings for these can be combined and I can do 2in1:  each day different group of muscles get involved.

P- these are 20/30 seconds intervals of a very fast run.  Helps to develop more speed which I really need. Of course you get most of the people’s attention when training Ps! It puzzles them, I believe  🙂

For the muscle training is the standard gym work out I’ve been doing ever since and it has its separate progress so is not that much important here.


The big M2012  – 42195 meters. In motion. Let’s just do it.