Istanbul Biennial


I missed Istanbul’s marathon by just one week but no way I could miss Istanbul’s Biennial! Amazing  – it is incredible that me, a traveller from Poland could find so much personal experience cought up there, in Turkey, in true art. This year’s was political. There were statues made of riffles, war photography, pieces  of cloth torn through with bullets… at some stage it got very  heavily loaded with emotions.  So many different works so much to tell, I won’t even attempt to describe

We didn’t walk out too depressed though:


will you survive?

Simon Evans above

And Ozlem Gunyol with Mustafa Kunt , work titled Ceaseless Doodle


But my absolute number one was Egyptian origin artist Wael Shawky and his Cabaret Crusades: The Horror Show File: a filmed puppet show telling the history of  First Crusade( 1096 – 1099 ).  I sat there with my jail dropped down: intrigues, betrayals, massacres, fanaticism  – that was so real I couldn’t believe no real actors are on the stage. Marionettes’ costumes were  little masterpieces themselves. I wish it’s showed  at history classes.




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