Chilli Con Carne & Leczo


Simultaneous cooking. I am lazy and when I do anything which is not lying in the sun, reading books and drinking coffee I want to make it in the most ergonomic way possible (so that I can go back and continue lying in the sun, reading books and drinking coffee). Killing two birds with one stone translates into Polish as cooking two roasts in one fire which is exactly what I usually do: prepare 2-3 things same time. Today peppers & tomatoes made a bridge between Mexico and Hungary:



1 zucchini

2 yellow peppers

1 red pepper

1 canned tomatoes

2 small onions

soy sauce



parsley leaves

1 tbsp oil


Chop onions and cook until transparent. Add peppers cut into small cubes, simmer under cover for approx. 13 minutes. Add zucchini cubes (I don’t remove the skin as it keeps zucchini in shape instead of turning into zucchini mash whilst cooking) and cook with reduced heat under a cover.  Allow 20 minutes for veggies to let some juice into the dish. Add spices and canned tomatoes. Cook for 10 mins more and be careful not to overcook unless you are more into vegetable purée rather than ratatouille dish. Season with soy sauce and top with parsley. A fresh crispy baguette and voila! A lunch makes a day.


Chilli Con Carne


2 small onions

1 garlic clove

500 gram minced beef

canned tomatoes

1 red pepper

canned kidney beans

ground cumin


beef stock (250 ml)

chilli powder

paprika powder

salt, pepper, a pinch of sugar

1 tbsp oil


Heat the oil on a pan, add garlic and onions. Cook until onion gets transparent. Add spices: paprika powder, chilli,  cumin, marjoram and let it release the flavours (2-3 mins). Add minced meat and use a wooden fork to stir the meat on the pan for a few minutes so that it doesn’t turn into a big pulp (experienced cook I am, hm?) .  Add tomatoes, beef stock, salt, pepper and a teaspoon of sugar and simmer for 20 minutes. The goal is to make the dish thick and hearty. Add the drained beans and cook for another 5-10 minutes with the reduced heat. I added soy sauce because I recently add it everywhere. Serve with rice.

tip: GoodFood says to put a small piece of a  dark chocolate instead of sugar. Tempting… 



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