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Leszek Możdżer plays Nirvana


No more to say. I’m crushing and raising listening to Leszek music. Top Polish musician.


Here it is, the magic of Możdżer, the reason that nevertheless my announcement of bankrupcy (car purchase…) I will still go to his concert in November


Sorry I can’t help it: to satisfy Polish hearts; let’s cry our slavic souls out;




RMNSC.2013 – DAY FIVE, THE END – Krakowskie Reminiscencje Teatralne


I’ve been to the play about.. me 🙂
Kraków 100% was a great project with real Krakowian citizens performing statistics on the stage.

I love Kraków for its theaters.

American Girl


World Press Photo annual visit in Kraków.

There’s been a series of Ilona Szwarc photographs displaying girls with their American Girls Dolls. I remember reading about these photos sometime ago and look at this: Ilona’s been honored on World Press Photo!! Currently on display in Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow 🙂

American Girl Dolls website;

The dolls are impersonation of their owners. The business around them is unbelievable; there’s Dolls hospital (mainly for body repairs but think about ear piercing, $14.. ), there’s Dolls’ Spa, you can take your doll to a hairdresser where she’ll have her hair done!

Ilona’s photos are true art photography, they speak more than words. Absolutely love it.

world press phptp



P.S. I now need $1,500 to purchase the photograph…

Roberto Matta


I am much impressed with Kraków’s recent efforts to bring in the big world’s art. We had a few BIG names and here it is another! The name Roberto Matta is especially close to my surrealist heart so I went to see his great works for the second time since July considering going again.. What I do not understand is why the programme around the exhibition is so poor.. aaaynyways. I ♡ MATTA

Chilean art is all about soul, colors and magic realizm – that is in their architecture, paintings, literature. One lucky day I will travel to this beautiful country.


This one has been sold for $5 M back in 2012; not on Krakow’s exhibition..