Color games





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  1. Once, Color Black received a letter. It was an invitation for the Chromatic Meeting.

    Every year, all the Colors gathered in the Rainbow Palace to discuss who should be the Main Color (the rest would be only “tones” and had to keep waiting for their turn to become a Main.

    But that time it was different. Color Black knew it. Every Color had its cohort of worsihppers, of admirers. Red had its enthusiastic crowd, Blue was very much liked among certain people, and so it did Green…

    Only a few appreciated Black. Caravaggio. Goya. Francis Bacon. And yes, then there was this bunch of gothic, sad faced people who adopted Black as their favorite Color. Strange people, they called them. Freaks.

    Suddenly, it started snowing. Nothing unusual for a cold december day in Kraków… execpt for the snow was not white. It was red; and yellow; and violet! Flakes were falling all around and everything was covered with a strange and colourful blanket. It was getting difficult for Black Color to keep walking, his legs were getting sink on the odd colourful swamp…

    And then he knew it. They, the Colors, never really liked him. He knew this day would come. They wanted to kick him out of the Rainbow, banish him from the world. As he was getting drawn into the snow, he realized that, from that day, he would be exiled from the Things of the World. And he would live only in the shadows.

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