Chocolate Lab


She will be big! 馃槈


DSCN3716 DSCN3699 DSCN3724 DSCN3688DSCN3700


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  1. How did you know! Oh, and actually, Labradors are not good with people. People are good with Labs and those are just being polite in return; always patiently accepting any petting people want to give them. And almost every human has this screaming urge to pet any lab puppy within his sight/reach. So well… you just accept it as it is.. humans will be humans.

  2. This reminds me of a theory i heard once: that dogs are the ultimate and more sophisticated form of parasites! Think of it: they only live in human environments, eat the food they get from us, we foster them, look after them and sometimes spoils them even. All we ask for in return is that hey be dogs and want to be with us… they rule.

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