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On the run
On the road
I will find it
Will find you
Right behind the finish line of Cracovia Marathon !

Week 3


So now, at the Ataturk airport, starbucks (free wifi and god bless turkish coffee), 3 hours till the first flight and plenty of time to see what i have (not) done in week 3.

Week 1-2 were I made at my best. Ideal balance of running, workout and proper diet. I was proud.

Till week 3.

On wednesday i was packing my running shoes with a serious plan to use them every day when in Istanbul. After all where else if not Bosphorus…

I dont even want to think how much i ate and that the shoes never got out of the suitcase.


Monday: rest day – that was required after 15 km on sunday

Tuesday: very nice 7 km with six Ps at the end. I felt like Gebrsellassi.

Wednesday- gym day given up for the trip’s sake

Thursday-Sunday – We were Spoiling ourselves all the way through

Bad bad bad.

Need to make up for it asap!


Week 2


Ok, we’re getting serious here. After first’s week euphoria it
‘s time to stop running like released from the cage and actually think. So i did. Think how to run and prevent injuries; i just read a blog which started with great enthusiasm and bursting motivation to complete the first marathon – the equipment was perfect, shoes chosen with greatest care, nike chip bought, the training plan shine and ready to go. The author got leg injury in his second month.. and that was it.. :S

Injuries in running are a separate block in sports medicine. I was advised to run on the grass as for shock absorbing. Surprisingly, i could see the difference right after. How little i know..

Week 1


The first week was pretty much easy. I had great weather conditions each day and nothing unexpected disturbed my trainings. I was really anxious what will happen on the first Sunday with the long run out scheduled. They say this is a cumulation, the peak point of the week that any self-respecting runner is living for.

Half of the day I spent nicely resting in bed till some bunch of coincidences happened and I ended up making 3 times city distance on the bike. I was seriously afraid my legs will go on strike after these. Fear no more – I completed my running cycle , ate half of the fridge after that and the other half on the next day.

XI Cracovia Marathon



Ok. Here it is. I know it looks scary but here’s the thing: normally, similar trainings have 1-2 rest days during the week. I haven’t scheduled mines as there is always something unexpected happening:  rain/bad mood/bad horoscope/etc. I completed first two weeks: stupid enough; 2 rest days were in the second week and none in the first!  The days the most likely to drop out are: Saturdays as this is just before the long run and muscle trainings for these can be combined and I can do 2in1:  each day different group of muscles get involved.

P- these are 20/30 seconds intervals of a very fast run.  Helps to develop more speed which I really need. Of course you get most of the people’s attention when training Ps! It puzzles them, I believe  🙂

For the muscle training is the standard gym work out I’ve been doing ever since and it has its separate progress so is not that much important here.


The big M2012  – 42195 meters. In motion. Let’s just do it.