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Sicily trip


I saw: Palermo, Catania, Syracusa and Taormina.

Palermo: I regret I didn’t see enough of it! Must be back.

Catania: the place lacks beaches and seashore is not easily accessible. The only beach there smells. Tourist centre is dirty, noisy and expensive. It’s Italy at it’s worst.I also had a feeling it’s not really safe..  It’s rather ‘could have been beautiful’ city..  Most of the restaurants are tourist-targeted which means you get minimum quality for a max. price. And a real suffering for me: you cannot eat properly during the day: only pasticceria – gelaterias and coffee bars are open. No lunch spots except of pizzeria fast foods. Breakfast was a croissant and a coffee only..Truly Italian. I didn’t feel good in Catania and I have no desire to be back there. Ok, maybe for Etna , my biggest  Sicilian fascination 🙂

I am dying to spend a long holidays in Taormina! Such a beautiful place: rocks, mountains, clean waters of Ionian Sea ,excellent food, not too much packed with tourists (May), not very expensive, picturesque little town for afternoon walks – perfetto!

Siracusa is for ruin-lovers: nice ancient town.. nothing spectacular – more for a weekend break rather than hols.

Yes, Ireland is a green island. But Sicily in May is ultra-green.  This pic I took on the bus heading to Siracusa: