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Easters Eggs



My contribution towards Easters 2014…




Easters do not exist without this fine cake:Image

I got this recipe from a polish cook book published in 1897


1 cup flour (=250 gram, a glass)

1 cup hot milk

30 gr yeast

1 cup warm butter

1 cup sugar

100 gr raisins

1 kg flour

12 egg yolks (that’s a minimum.. original recipe said more)

vanilla pod

Pour 0,5 cup boiling milk into 1 cup of flour and stir well so that there’s no lumps and wait until lukewarm. Melt yeasts in 0.5 cup warm milk and add to the mixture. Beat egg yolks quite thoroughly and add them together with raisins, remaining flour, butter, grind  and sugar.  Leave in a warm place when grows a bit place in baba form. Allow some time for the dough to raise again and bake in 180 Celsius.