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Polish Beet Gazpacho


For my deepest family roots are Lithuanian here’s a flag recipe for a cold soup, so called Lithuanian cooler soup’ Chłodnik Litewski-  being a vitamin bomb. Original recipe includes pieces of roast-beef but I’ve adapted a light version.


800 ml kefir /yogurt mix (50/50%)
a bunch of beetroot chard – only if it’s young! (or 3 small beetroots)
2-3 small cucumbers
bunch of radish
green onion
few slices of home made roast-beef (optional)
3 hard boiled eggs (will make 3 servings)
bunch of dill
lemon juice (from half lemon)
salt, pepper,

beetroot concentrate (I guess available in Poland only, so optional 1-2 tablespoons to be added together with kefir and yogurt)

Remove beetroot leaves -so that only stalks are left. Add a bit of boiling water; just enough to cover it and allow 10 mins slow cooking – check if the stalks are tender and cool it down. If no baby beetroots with stalks are available, peel beetroots and cut into slender stalks and cook until tender for a few mins). Meanwhile, peel and chop cucumbers, chop radish, green onion and dill. Make sure beet stalks are cold and add kefir/jogurt mix together with rest of veggs. Add spices, lemon juice and mix with a spoon. Serve with boiled eggs or boiled baby potatoes.