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Turkish Coffee


Since I tried Turkish coffee I decided that: 1. I will not buy that sloppy drinks they serve in Starbucks e v e r  a g a i n  2. I will learn how to cook it myself 3. I will spread this skill worldwide.


First of all you need Cezve (click!), a small coffee pot. Take a small cup to measure the amount of water: always take only as much water as much coffee you want to get from it. For one cup of coffee one cup of water. Pour it to cezve, add sugar if you like, and 1 tablespoon of well grinded coffee. 1 tablespoon per serving. Put a very small heat on and wait until the foam starts gathering on the top of the cezve. At that moment, do not let the coffee boil but put it aside until it settles down. Put back on the heat and repeat the process again: I make it for 4-5 times. You can also collect the foam after the first rinsing and move it to the cup and only add the 4-times boiled coffee later. They say that keeping the thick foam proves you can really make a Turkish coffee. My foam (as seen above) is just a beginner’s foam. But, I must admit, I have only recently mastered the skill of bringing up the chocolate taste of Turkish coffee as it used to be more sour at my first attempts. Pour the coffee to the cup and wait for another few minutes to let it sediment on the bottom.

One more thing: coffee beans for Turkish coffee are just arabica beans but are very finely grinded; more grinded that for espresso. I believe this is why this coffee has this strong, savory taste and aroma.