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Fish Cakes


My new idea for a lunch box: fish cakes!

500 gr fresh fish (salmon is the best聽 but this time I didn’t find nice salmon fillet so I used a fresh cod. Cod is more delicate in taste and the fish cakes come out less ‘fishy’. )

500 gr potatoes

big bunch of parsley

100 gr breadcrumbs

olive oil

Sea salt, pepper

In a big pot boil water with 2 tsp salt; Spread olive oil on fish fillets and season with salt and pepper. Use a metal strainer to parboil fish fillets on the pot with boiling potatoes. Cover the strainer with aluminium foil so that fish don’t dry out. Allow 10-12 mins for fish to cook and some more time for potatoes until softened. Chop parsley very thoroughly and mix everything in a large bowl. Above is a double portion of parsley as I love parley with everything I eat. Use a fork to make a smooth paste from potatoes, fish and parsley. Some lemon juice will make it even nicer. Add salt and pepper and form small balls with hands. Cover with breadcrumbs and fry on a pan until golden. Goes well fresh salad and white wine 馃槈