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American Girl


World Press Photo annual visit in Kraków.

There’s been a series of Ilona Szwarc photographs displaying girls with their American Girls Dolls. I remember reading about these photos sometime ago and look at this: Ilona’s been honored on World Press Photo!! Currently on display in Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow 🙂

American Girl Dolls website; www.americangirl.com/

The dolls are impersonation of their owners. The business around them is unbelievable; there’s Dolls hospital (mainly for body repairs but think about ear piercing, $14.. ), there’s Dolls’ Spa, you can take your doll to a hairdresser where she’ll have her hair done!

Ilona’s photos are true art photography, they speak more than words. Absolutely love it.

world press phptp



P.S. I now need $1,500 to purchase the photograph…