Sea food聽


Seafood pasta. Simple as that!

With butter- garlic & cherry tomatoes. Yum!


Spicy lentils

Spicy lentils


3 carrots

3 medium size potatoes

200 gr green lentils 

1 medium onion

2 sliced celery sticks

1 pepperoni

1 tomatoe

White wine vinegar 

Handful fresh coriander (I replaced with parsley)
Cook chopped onions with sliced pepperoni on a hot pan with olive oil until soft and glossy. Add chopped tomatoe, sliced carrots & celery and after 2 mins add lentils. Pour enough boiling water to cover the veggs and lentils. Vegetable broth would be a great replacement to water; however l never use broth cubes; real cooks dont ,-)) 

In a separate dish cook cubed potatoes.

Cook lentils until tender and add cooked potatoes for the last 3 minutes to simmer together. 

Add salt, pepper and vinegar. 

Salmon curry burgers



300 gr freah salmon fillets (makes 3 small burgers)

1 spoon red -curry paste

1spoon freshly grated ginger

Handful coriander 

1 spoon light soya sauce 

Pinch of salt

Place all above in a food processor and grate until all ingredients join. Form small burgers and cook on olive oil till golden. Serve with rice and fresh salad (carrot/ kale and olive+vinegar dressing are on the pic).